Giant Killing - Season 1 - Episode 12 - Review: "Ep 12"

After opening with a surprising amount of recap, Giant Killing gets back to the Nagoya vs ETU game where Tsubaki is starting to realize the scope of, well, everything, as the stadium now feels larger than ever and he's potentially feeling like they're titans striding across the field of play. With the way the game is going, while they're not doing as good as they could, they're definitely holding their own overall against Nagoya. But that can go on for only so long before the ace players of Nagoya, the three Brazilians, begin to figure out what Tatsumi's strategy is. Of course, he doesn't expect it to last forever so there's bound to be a backup plan in there since he wants to have a tie game to show that the team is progressing forward as he teases out their true skills.

As good as any plan is though, and as much as Tatsumi can plan things out, the old adage is true that no plan survives the battlefield. Tatsumi's got a good feel for the team so far and what they can do and his overall expectations for them, but even they can surprise him as Tsubaki does as the intensity of the second half gets going. Sometimes a single event can transform not just a player but the team and the fans in general. Tsubaki's surprise goal shifts the balance of many things for the ETU once it happens, though the best moment is the way Gino compliments him by telling him that he could have made it a bit more elegantly. Considering the way Tsubaki has been beating himself up since he'd had problems in the previous games, this is something that will help him move forward, hopefully without getting cocky since it doesn't seem to be that kind of personality.

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