Uraboku Episode #11 Review

The fallout from the previous episode is causing quite the emotional unbalance among the group as everyone watches and waits patiently at first for Tsukumo to recover. Hardest hit by it would be Toko, but it's really Yuki as having anyone injured on his behalf wounds him just as greatly, if not more so, because it's something he doesn't want done. There's a good scene where Luka conveys his emotions to him in offering to take on everything that he can that Yuki can't carry. This is a stronger statement and scene in general than most relationship shows ever show so there's a lot to be said about how well this angle of the show is being played. Their relationship is fairly obvious in its early stages but I love how open and honest they are about certain feelings.

With Tsukumo slowly waking and the real threat finally understood, everyone that's left around is all set to take on the threat and are pushing to do so against Takashiro. What's really surprising is that not only does Takashiro not give them a fight, but he intends to go with them and to use his abilities and knowledge to break Ashley's barrier so the others can get further in. It's fairly obvious there's a good chance that he won't catch up with them afterward, but it's good to see some strength from the group overall, a real sense of unity and cohesion, as they deal with the threat at hand. And even though I'm convinced that Takashiro is truly a bad guy in some way and will be a main threat down the line in an imaginary anime episode that will never exist since the series won't last that long, right now his role is spot on in building up the team and being an active member/leader with a sense of seniority to him.

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