Chi's Sweet Home - Season 1 - Episode 20 - Review: "Ep 11-20"

It takes her a little while, but Chi and the family settle into their new apartment. Chi in particular must explore each nook and cranny to get used to the place. This leads to adventures in high places, marking her territory and discovering how to use a cat door. All of which leads to suitably adorable moments as Chi is overly proud of each and every accomplishment.

Then the family takes to meeting the neighbors. Chi meets (and attempts to eat) a little bird, a jolly man and his big bunny rabbit (who has no interest in Chi at all), a pretty young lady with an arrogant Scottish Fold Longhair cat named Alice and a young boy and his rather simple minded dog, David. Chi has very different experiences with each of them, but up to this point, only David and Alice have become regular characters.

Their adventures take place on their respective yards. Chi meets up with David first as he is just so happy to attempt to play with her. They play in the fence between their yards, chasing butterflies and more. They are more alike than either of them realize which makes their budding friendship very cute. Alice tends to watch some afar, muttering some arrogant one-liner before she ends up joining the fray and enjoying herself. A cat is a cat and a dog is a dog after all. Regardless of their upbringing.

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