Giant Killing - Season 1 - Episode 25 - Review: "Ep 25"

Tatsumi's strategy, as loosely defined as it has been, is starting to have an impact on the Osaka team and we're seeing Dulfer making some surprising changes. Taking out a few key players that are now being pushed to their limits a bit after being worked so hard in the first half removes some key strengths that he's had out there. Even the mere intention of changing out players has a dramatic effect on the Osaka team though since it points to there being a weakness of some sort and that's not so subtly demoralizing. And as the game plays pretty quickly at times, the sudden shift can lead to a surprising goal that nobody even thought possible, which lets Sugi really shine beautifully for a moment in a way that leaves him completely shocked.

A good part of Tatsumi's overall strategy with the team, as opposed to this particular game, shines through with this episode. Watching as he does from the sidelines, he's able to highlight the different in the two teams as Dulfer polishes a player to a specific position in a way and removes those that don't work. Tatsumi is intending to polish all of them in a way tha makes them all shine through in a beautiful way. Sera is the one that the focus slowly turns to as the game clock runs down and he works through his feelings of not being worthy of being on the team. Following this character, the one that feels that he's being polished by Tatsumi and wanting to prove he's worth all the effort, is that kind of moment of pure beauty that you can't get in most other shows. There's an achievement here to him that outstrips character growth in other series because of how it plays out. And like others on the team who have gone through it, it's exhilarating.

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