Ichiban Ushiro No Daimo - Season 1 - Episode 9 - Review: "Episode 9 "

Ichiban has been a bit off for me in the last episode or two though there have been things I liked. The silly smutty factor is still a positive for me in the series since they're having fun with it and I like how Sai is growing into his role as the Demon Lord bit by bit. What has thrown a significant monkey wrench into things is the arrival of Hiroshi as the hero Brave with his entirely too goofy costume and over the top do-gooder aspect when in that role. I've never liked that kind of character in general since it doesn't allow for the nuance of life itself and is the kind of archetype that really drains on me when it comes to watching a show. The last two episodes has a fair bit of material for him with him going into that role and it left me less than enthused.

One thing that has been interesting about the show is that while it does have a significant harem aspect to it, it hasn't played up a lot of it in terms of the women really trying to woo him. They're close to him and some of them play with him well, such as Korone and her deadpan teases or Keena and her simple innocence, but Junko has been either very hands off with him or wanting to kill him for the offenses he's made. With everything that's gone on though, Junko's realized her feelings for him and it's a bit of an internal conflict for her that's made even worse when an arranged marriage interview is setup for the two of them but Sai isn't aware of what it's really about. The two of them end up going off to a village where the meeting is to occur and we add yet another cute young girl with Junko's sister Yuuko showing up on the scene with a big shinobi style role.

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