Grey's Anatomy - Really? Them?

Previously, Meredith came back from a near death experience. Her mother did not.

Izzie and her very perky breasts are in silhouette in the shower. Meredith's voice-over tells us that people have scars. As Izzie moves to exit the shower, I worry that we're going to see some of her scars. Just as Meredith is calling scars "diagrams of old wounds," Alex marches into the bathroom. Izzie, startled, wraps herself in a towel and screams at him. He's pretty blasé, reminding her that he's seen it all before. She's kind of wondering what he's doing in her house early in the morning, and he tells her that he's moving in to Casa Grey. Mere V.O.: "Most of our old wounds heal, leaving nothing behind but a scar. But some of them don't."

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