La Corda D'Oro ~ Primo Passo Collection 1 DVD Review

With its origins in videogames that ended up getting translated to a manga and then an anime, La Corda D'oro is a twenty-five episode series that's all about the romance. Unlike a lot of romance series though, the romance is not a dominating factor in the opening half of the series and it's the kind that progresses pretty naturally and without any heavy-handed nature to it. Falling into the realm of a reverse-harem style show to some extent, it works its magic through music " and magic as well " as one young woman finds herself caught up in something much larger than herself.

The series takes place at Seiso Academy where the school is split into two distinct teachings. The academy follows most schools and has its general studies department, but what it's most well known for is its fairly prestigious music studies department. A number of very gifted students participate there but the two classes are fairly well segregated throughout and there is a general disdain and disconnect by the music students with the general studies ones. Since they're just "average students" in that sense, they don't get involved with them much and it's even a bit of a minor scandal when a music studies student admits to being interested in a general studies one, including the prominent sports players. The school is fairly normal otherwise and outside of a couple of teachers and the occasional parent, adults are a minimal aspect of the series in this half.

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