Durarara!! - Season 1 - Episode 20 - Review: "The Yellow Sky Rises"

With the first half of the series slowly focusing and bringing together what the Dollars is all about, the second half is definitely all about the Yellow Scarves and its origins and revival. Watching the two sides having somewhat similar parallel experiences has been amusing to see when you figure in who is actively leading each of them, as much as two large organizations of this nature can be led. With the way things have been going though as Celty has helped out the Dollars by circumstance, there's a belief that the Slasher may be involved with the Dollars as well as the reputation of that group is now very different from what it used to be.

The focus also turns back toward the Blue Square gang as there's some resurfacing of that group in ways that really does concern Kida. With what happened to him in the past and how it's still having ramifications, it is little surprise that he's viewing it as intently and seriously as he is. Of course, when you figure in how Izaya is manipulating things and the birds-eye view he has of so much going on, watching how these various groups are being played against each other becomes even more amusing. But Izaya's overall goal, outside of doing it just because he can, still seems to be missing. A good chunk of this episode revolves around this kind of basic dialogue, minus the Izaya aspect, as Kida and others talk about what's going on in a way to try and draw the pieces together and whether he should actively meet with the leader of the Dollars.

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