Strawberry 100% Vol. #09 Manga Review

Remember when Tsukasa dumped Junpei a few volumes back? Well she's back in a big way! And I really mean huge - almost the entire volume centers around her and Junpei. In fact, you could surgically remove their break up and nothing about this would seem out of place. Except, I suppose, the many times he mentions their break up. Now, I feel very confident that this is really going to go somewhere. I know, I know, there are ten more installments left of this series, but this drama is just so good, so <I>real</I>, that I'm sure it's going to have serious and long-term implications. Why, after this volume the dynamics will be completely different!

Except that they won't be, and everything will no doubt revert to the status quo by the second or third chapter of volume ten. I spoke about this in my last review, and it really comes across in full force here. The story ends on a real cliffhanger, and we're left wondering if it's another moment where we have the carpet yanked out from under us, or if something potentially major is going to happen. Of course we're not really wondering; we know it's going to be the former. Which unfortunately gives the whole thing an air of irrelevancy.

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