One Piece - Season 10 - Episode 453 - Review: "The Friends' Whereabouts! The Weatheria Rep..."

With the near mutiny put down through some careful dialogue that now has Buggy taking up a commanding position again, the show is set to remind us that there are indeed other characters in this series. The Impel Down arc has been all about Luffy and those he met inside the prison, though we did have that very awful side story to support the movie that was out awhile ago. With all that's happened at Impel Down now though, everything has slowed down a bit and we actually get some relaxing moments as the ship moves towards Navy Headquarters, complete with Luffy on the bow staring off into the distance.

Which is a great segue way to move us on to talking about those other lead characters that have largely been a part of the show since the start. Moving us back to the Sky Island of Weatheria, we get to catch up with Nami who is a bit frustrated at the pace at which the island is moving as it's not getting her to the Sabaody Archipelago anytime soon. The wizard she's hanging out with is all laid back about everything, which of course frustrates her a whole lot when he reveals that he has a ship that will take them down to the surface since he does that once in awhile to make some extra money by selling off his knowledge of how weather works. There's nothing like someone with his knowledge who steps into a dry desert location and uses his toys to create weather that will help spurn some growth in the land.

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