Heroman - Season 1 - Episode 8 - Review: "Combat"

The struggle to stop the spheres is proceeding from two different directions, though neither of the teams working on it know about each other. Joey and his group with Professor Denton are working deep inside in the Skrugg outpost base to deal with what's going on there while Doctor Manami is moving forward with his seemingly diabolical plan to deal with it. Unsurprisingly, Manami's goals aren't exactly altruistic as he's really after the alien technology (along with pretty much the entire planet when you get down to the reality of it) and he's got his little gang ready to do what's necessary to acquire it.

Most of the time is spent within the Skrugg base where Joey and the gang are working different angles. Denton and Psy are moving further and further into the base with relative ease due to the work Joey has done in distracting them, but there are still Skrugg to be found along the way. Denton has amusingly come up with a plan to mess with them a bit by using Psy's music against them in an amplified way, though the entire thing still reminds me heavily of Mars Attacks. There are some good moments of humor and tension with their side of the fight as things obviously never go as well as you plan for. The battle goes even worse for them when Kogorr himself decides to get involved in order to show them exactly what it is they're up against.

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