Cross Game - Season 1 - Episode 9/10 - Review: "You've got to be kidding"

With real life and sumo filling up my life, I wasn't really able to review any episodes but here I present to you last few episodes of Cross Game. After the game starts, Kou tells Akaishi about Akane's surgery. This makes Akaishi mad since he was left in the dark. During the game, Kou consistently pitches over 150km/h. Before the start of the second inning, Azuma tells Akaishi the only regret he has for staying in the team is never facing Kou's pitches. Ryou's pitcher walks Azuma but strikes out everyone else. Bottom of the second, Mishima bunts and is able to get to first. Mishima tells Azuma he did it to avoid Kou from having a no-hit game. The game continues without any other batter getting on stage for the first six innings. Then on the seventh, Azuma is able to get a first and then steals the second. Akaishi tells Kou that he'll set up the bases so that Kou can get everyone home. Kou tells Akaishi to not always give him the glory, to be the star of the game for once. He's able to get Azuma home, sliding in. I like the fact that Azuma has broken out of the perfect home runs and starts to enjoy baseball and is actually happy to get the first run of the game. At the bottom of the seventh, Kou strikes out Mishima pitching at the high 150s km/h but is disappointed that he's not able to show 160km/h fastball he promised to show Aoba. At the bottom of the eighth, Oikawa tries to repeat last year's line drive but is caught by Kou. At the bottom of the ninth, with two outs, Mishima is able to get a run in, sending the game into extra innings. Top of the tenth, Azuma hits a triple.

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