Strawberry 100% OVA 5 Anime Review

Strawberry 100% had a good TV run and the OVAs that followed along afterwards went for the idea of just having more fun while not dealing with anything significant in terms of actual story progression. The throwback to standalone OVAs and classic romantic comedy material could go badly if the show was more harem based, but with it being more firmly rooted in the real world with no outlandish characters or situations that stretch believability, Strawberry 100% manages to not get bogged down in things that don't work. It really feels like many of these OVAs came from the late 80's with the pacing, style and even the music at times and I found that to be very welcome.

This episode focuses on the girls all changing who they are to different degrees. When it opens to having Tojo coming across Manaka and being completely confident, flirty and outgoing, it's such a radical change for her that he's stymied for awhile. Similar changes seem to be happening with the other girls as well where they're becoming more than they have been, with some touches of make-up noticeably as well when it comes to some of them like Misuzu. Even Nishino is coming across differently when they went to check her out at her school. The whole situation has really made the guys very nervous about what's going on since it's such a mystery and most of the episode focuses on their investigations into each of the girls and the way they're acting and interacting with them.

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