Hikaru no Go - Season 3 - Episode 11 - Review: "Episode #51"

With the flashback material out of the way and Sai and Hikaru's relationship essentially repaired, the two start moving forward again. The match against Meijin Toya was pretty intense all around for a lot of reasons but Hikaru is looking like he's handling things well and bouncing back from the defeat with a renewed sense of purpose, but not arrogance or intense pressure. For the most part, he still views everything as fun but has the passion to want to win and the skill to do it. Yet it's not become a chore or something difficult to deal with in an emotional sense. With so many kids becoming too involved in their passions, it's definitely an area he could easily fall into.

The two spend some quality time together at an Amateur Go Festival and it's almost endearingly cute watching the two. While the go around the game tables, they watch the amateurs at play and both cringe at seeing the way games are being played and the moves they consider obvious being ignored or unseen. It's a nice little nod towards earlier in the series where Hikaru was essentially in the same position, though he wasn't being laughed, even internally, like this by those he played against or those who watched. The show takes an amusing twist when they visit the dealers section and run across a merchant who is selling all kinds of counterfeit things, from Go tables to ones signed by famous people that aren't really signed by them. His accusations don't go over well across the board and it's amusing to see Hikaru being treated like a total amateur about all things Go related.

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