Rental Magica Part 2 Collection DVD Review

The first half of Rental Magica, viewed in chronological order, did a nice job of introducing numerous magical concepts and a fairly varied cast of characters centered around Itsuki Iba, the new teenaged president of Astral. This set builds on that pretty well with a few more standalone stories to highlight the growth and changes of these characters, but the focus isn't so much on the events as defining things but the way everyone reacts to it. The central focus on Itsuki works well as he's a fairly generic character in a lot of ways, and easily accessible, but he's continually trying to improve himself so that he can do better for everyone around him.

With the way the show is laid out, it's still easy to see the appeal in the broadcast order in that it teases things out more and it's more all over the map at times with the kinds of stories it wants to tell in relation to the timeline. I'm still favoring the chronological approach here but something about this half of the season felt a little weaker than the first, though there are some very strong moments. Similar to the first half, we do get a few standalone stories that tell the basic tales that help to bind the cast together as they do some odd jobs here and there dealing with issues of magic, most of the time. With Adelicia being more involved in Astral now as a shareholder, she tends to work more closely with them though with the usual critical eye. On the positive side, she's becoming more comfortable with them as well which helps to soften those criticisms.

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