Cross Game - Season 1 - Episode 23 - Review: "We Can Turn the Game Around, Right?"

Aoba's time playing baseball is a lot of fun because she, in a way, seems to take it more seriously than Ko. At least in an outward way, since Ko does have something driving him with Wakaba within him. Aoba's time playing the game with the other girls from Satomi has her doing pretty well, but it's interesting to see how she is again others. During one batting sequence early on, she swings too soon because her expectations of what the pitcher will send her isn't anywhere as strong as she expected it to be. Knowing her own capabilities, she expects everyone else will be the same or better and has to readjust when she sees the reality of that situation.

It's when she's into the pitching position though, when the team is down a few runs, that she really shines. As serious as she's been, she now takes it up a few notches and drops some serious fastballs for a girl of her age and strength. The rest of the team has been feeling low because of the score, and they're reliant on Aoba to try and turn things around for them so they can have the comeback that they dearly want. The Ouka team players are surprised by the sudden shift in tone of the game as Aoba is able to strike everyone out pretty quickly and make some really good spot plays as well when it comes to the game overall. Aoba's long been the player to watch in the show, as much fun as Ko and the others are, since she's had a very different feel about everything from the start.

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