Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - Season 1 - Episode 57 - Review: "Eternal Rest "

Every time that things seem to be going one way, something comes out of nowhere to radically change events. The last episode saw two such events as we saw the Fuhrer come back to Central after being declared dead and we saw something wicked about to happen below Central where Father is dealing with Hohenheim. The nature of the battle in the streets takes an awkward turn as well due to the return of the Fuhrer and the propaganda side is critically damaged because of it. But we had a lot of great moments in that episode as well, notably with Izumi stepping into the fight and working alongside the Armstrong pair against the Immortal Legion. So, quite a lot happened in a real back and forth kind of feeling.

With all that's happened, it's becoming very confusing for the rank and file soldiers. Many are getting their second wind now that the Fuhrer as returned, but those that have seen either the homunculi or the Immortal Legion are starting to sing a different tune of understanding with what's happening. There is an eerie calm about things though, even as epic moments are happening across Central. The story underground thankfully gives us a look at Ed and his group as they proceed further down below, something we didn't get much of in the previous episode. The re-introduction of the doctor who created what the Fuhrer became is a surprise to be sure, but it leads to a really slick action sequence with some of the best music I've heard for such a sequence with this series in awhile. It has a really good sense of danger and excitement to it as you have Ed, Mustang, Scar and Hawkeye working together. That they tied all of it into other scenes as well with the action building nicely makes it all the better.

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