Moyashimon Episode #08 Review

The Harvest Festival is getting ever closer, only a week away, the the group is intending to have some fun with it as they've had a bumper crop this year. In the midst of this, the events from the previous episode are starting to show as you can see Sawaki and Hasegawa getting a bit closer together as things start to thaw between them. She's loosened up considerably since the aphrodisiac was unleashed and things kind of went all over the place, so with some secrets now out in the open for them, and her own issues laid bare, she's definitely reached a new comfort level with them and with Sawaki in particular.

Kei's being drawn into the group as well now as Hasegawa has decided that she'll be helping out with the vault and the brewing that will take place. Sawaki's getting a little pressure to do something about her in general when it comes to the relationship which is sorta cute since there's the admittance that she's a he but they're playing it kind of coy at times. The really weird part though is that Hasegawa seems to have a permanent smile on her face with everyone and is rather encouraging to them as they work through the process for the festival. It's a very welcome change of pace for her considering how she's been most of the time and seeing that Sawaki may be the real reason for it makes it even more endearing.

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