High School of the Dead Episode #12 Anime Review

With the previous episode, you could feel the helplessness of those watching on from space as the missiles started to fly and the kind of controlled panic that that must have been dealing with. So much uncertainty and more going on below them and being unable to help or influence events. While they haven't been able to, a good part of the SDF Navy is still afloat and they're able to try and bring down the missiles, but not everything can be stopped and the world takes another step into darkness for awhile as the EMP blast from it has caused all electronics, from PCs to phones to most cars, to be rendered useless. And this comes just as Shizuka managed to get into contact with her friend Rika from whom they acquired the weapons and vehicle that got them to Takagi's residence.

Because of the missile attack, a lot of the defenses at the residence are pretty much shot, which feels odd considering the approach that Takagi's father had taken should have factored that in. But it turns into a sizable bloodbath pretty quickly in that the undead overrun the residence and everyone is put through their paces to try and stave off what's coming so that as many can survive as possible. What's not a surprise is that Takashi and the rest are essentially told by the very cool and dramatic Takagi mother and father team to hit the road and go survive out there in the world as best as they can. It's a good series of events as everyone gets their asses in gear and figures out what they need so they can head off into the darkened and far more dangerous city now, since the bit of power that was out there was the last refuge of many that were able to hide and survive.

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