Tatami Galaxy Episode #05 Review

Our nameless lead starts off his college life again as he attempts to find a new club from which to mingle with people and potentially find his pure Japanese beauty for life. This time he ends up falling in love with the softball circle Honwaka in which he sees them spending idyllic days chatting and playing with each other, all of which is underscored by there being no real drive for winning tournaments or the like. His view is so rose colored that it's really quite amusing as it plays out as it shows just how disconnected from reality he's becoming as time goes on.

Unsurprisingly, as the conversations do play out, our lead speaks things that goes against the groups general idyllic beliefs and he find himself ostracized from the group. His only friend is the devil/turnip faced Ozu who leads him further down the path of unpleasantness. The only thing that keeps him involved as much as he is with the team is the arrival of someone important to the team, a very beautiful faceless young woman named Kohinata. She doesn't actually play any softball but her connections are what makes her important to the team as a supporter but it's all meaningless to our lead who is simply very attracted to her, though Ozu does try to warn him off a little bit.

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