Fullmetal Alchemist - Season 1 - Episode 50 - Review: "A Disturbance In Central"

Mustang's group is saved by back-up hiding in the rafters, but this entire situation shocks King Bradley's wife because she realizes that she might have been abandoned by her husband. Mustang promises to protect her, but he opts not to tell her about what happened to King Bradley. He and his men make an effort to only injure the Central forces they come across, but that only pisses off the enemy commander who sends more men. Olivier meanwhile uses this chance to point out the weaknesses of the Central forces and asks the two generals watching over her for control of those forces, but they refuse and point out that she's in their custody.

They want her here to keep the Briggs soldiers from rebelling, however this just causes Olivier to laugh because Briggs abides by survival of the fittest, so even her death wouldn't stop them. As if on cue, the alarms in Central go off because the Briggs soldiers have made their move, and it turns out that they were being hidden inside the Armstrong estate. Across town, Mustang's group gets resupplied by an ice cream truck driven by Rebecca and Maria Ross. After picking up the group, Ross makes a stop to let Mustang talk to the person who procured these weapons and set this part up: Jean Havoc.

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