Eyeshield 21 Collection 2 DVD Review

Eyeshield 21 essentially set itself up easily in the first collection in terms of setting expectations. Sports shows are definitely a favorite of mine but some of them less so than others. Eyeshield 21 goes for the less appealing route as it's all very comical and exaggerated in a way that really does make me roll my eyes. It's reminiscent of some sports related superhero comics books Marvel Comics put out back in the 80's that still leave a bad taste in my mouth. This set of thirteen episodes takes what we saw in the first collection and expands upon it by going in the same direction with no real surprises.

The team has grown fairly well since it was just Kurita and Hiruma as Sena has definitely drawn in a few more people that are interested in the whole idea. The team is still using a lot of ringers though which isn't a surprise since American football isn't high up on a lot of peoples lists. While they're used to ringers, they definitely want to get some new players. Monta's finally on board in full so they hold a series of interviews that lead to try-outs which Hiruma designs to be pretty intense. His whole point is to get the best of the best into his ragtag little group and he does just that after having them run up and down Tokyo Tower several times before some ice they have melts. It's pretty standard fare for Hiruma to come up with this and he challenges Sena to it as well as he tries to shake down all the potential candidates to the real thing.

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