Shiki - Season 1 - Episode 8 - Review: "Eighth Night"

With the concept of the undead now becoming more accepted among those who are dealing with what's going on in the village, Natsuno and a couple of others are set to dig up Megumi's grave as he desperately wants proof one way or the other that the thing that's haunted him is either her or something else. With the trio working out in the forest to unearth her casket, it gets properly moody as Natsuno breaks into it to discover that it's completely empty. The knowing of the truth is what he needed more than the others in a way so he can figure out a course of action. But their act has drawn attention and Kaori is quickly taken away before they know what's happened.

The blatant actions of the okiagari are surprising considering the way they've acted so far, but with so many people dying and more of the living hiding in fear, they're getting more comfortable in acting brazen like this. Natsuno and the others discover an interesting bit about the guy who surprised them and that he's much like Megum is, with the hold and undead feeling, but what they do to him isn't enough to actually stop him. And that just means that they're leaving one more person out there that will have an even more significant issue with them now and will likely cause them more trouble.

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