Occult Academy - Season 1 - Episode 12 - Review: "Ep 12"

When Occult Academy opens up on a big action sequence, I can't help but grin wide. The show has such a strong visual design that seeing them cut loose with some solid animation and choreography is pretty exciting. With the events of the last episode now having Mikaze showing her true colors along with the numerous followers she has, she's now made her transformation into the magical villain of the series and is going toe to toe against the vice principal, who is apparently quite the magic person herself as she's called the white mage. Her intent to get Maya away is overriding though as her bodyguard is actually a beast that transforms, giving Maya the chance to ride the skies on a panther's back that has wings on it. The surreal nature of all that's change for Maya is amusing to watch since she's almost incredulous over it.

Watching these two mages fight is a lot of the appeal in the first half of the episode. The visual design of the show has always been strong and they apply that here as well even in its simplicity, showing us them bounding over the city with magicks flinging about. There's also a huge dose of sensuality to it, especially considering Mikaze's costume, but it all has a real element of danger to it. With what we do know about the future and the way things appear to be all hinged on what happens here, you distinctly have the knowledge that everything is at stake and lives are on the line. Mikaze's not exactly a comic book villain in this regard, but she's having her moments with her laugh as she razes the city.

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