Hikaru no Go Episode #73 Review

Much discussion in the adult circles of the series has been on the new wave of Go masters that are coming up through the ranks. With a lot of the older ones from the previous generation getting up there in years and some of them like Toya retiring, the competition is fierce to move in on that territory. You have some of them like Ogata who has made his move as he comes across as being in between the generations, but the majority of them are down in the realm of Akira and Hikaru's age with many spectators and punditry commenting that they may be the ones to lead the next generation into prominence.

Hikaru's continual playing at this point in time is welcome since he strengthens his own game as well as those around him and that play against him. He's playing well without being overly aggressive or a cruel player. He's kept to who he is and is just building up his strengths and focusing on the game itself with nary a thought of Sai. All he's waiting on at this point is for the information to come in about the scheduling for the Meijin Qualifiers so he can know when he's playing and who he's playing against. With just two more episodes to this series after this, everything is taking on a rushed feeling as he's scheduled to play Akira in two weeks, a match he's looking forward to but not without some tension and nervousness since it's such an important one.

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