Giant Killing - Season 1 - Episode 6 - Review: "Episode 6"

With the first trial game out of the way, Tatsumi's figured out a bit more about the team and how it works together while the players themselves are starting to realize that there's some potential to be had this time around. After the way the last couple of seasons have gone and the general attitude of the fans and even those on the team, it's a radical change in how they're now playing better together and actually scoring. All of it worked well in order to show Murakoshi what he needed to understand after so many seasons of losses and the way he needs to truly trust Tatsumi in coaching the team and getting them to where he intends to. With a lot of captains second guessing or going their own path, the two look to have really figured out how to work their relationship.

This episode changes things up nicely by putting Tatsumi and a few others from the ETU at the main league press event to kick off the season. Tatsumi stands out as he always does by going casual while all the other coaches and the owners are suited up for the full business aspect of the meeting. Press events aren't exactly Tatsumi's field of expertise so there's obvious expectations, especially after his last press conference, to do something foolish or outlandish that will draw unwanted attention on the ETU. Tatsumi's very relaxed and casual in his approach to the press, a dangerous thing, but it works in his favor at this stage as he comes across as very different from the others and he's able to ruffle their feathers and put them off balance by challenging them in a way that means even one single loss creates bad face for them because of where the ETU has been.

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