Uraboku - Season 1 - Episode 8 - Review: "Episode #08"

With a little bit of the past thrown into the earlier episodes, a casual offhand accidental mention to Yuki that he used to be a girl sends him into a mild spiral of depression over it as he tries to understand it. Because of how Yuki has talked and acted since the start, it's not a stretch to believe that he used to be a she in a very different life and you can almost suspect that hearing this might make Yuki feel a bit more at ease as it might explain a thing or two. Everyone else is rather blase about it at this point though, trying to play it off as something to not think about and to just move on.

With all the changes that's going on, Yuki is finally back in school, though he is transported safely there by Zess and a couple of others are spending their time in school with him in order to keep an eye on things. His life there is already off to a good start as Kanata has appeared at the school and is trying to get him to go back to the orphanage with him, though his real reasons aren't laid out just yet. It's a conflicting moment for Yuki since he's grown up with Kanata and the two have always had a good relationship, but he's finding himself really wanting to stand by his commitments that he's made to his brother and to the Twilight Mansion itself. Zess isn't much help though in talking it out since he tells him to do what he wants, since Zess will be with him no matter what.

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