Uraboku - Season 1 - Episode 2 - Review: "Eternal Investigation"

Yuki's life has been teetering recently, though he's not entirely aware of it at this point, but there's something unsettled to him. In the introductory episode of the series, we got a nice look at the kind of atmosphere the show wants to present and some of the basic characters, though we've seen only snippets of who they may be. As it moves into the second episode here, the dynamic continues to be fluid as a new character comes onto the scene and we get a decent little action sequence as an akuma arrives to try and take out Yuki.

The changes for Yuki started in the previous episode but they take a new twist this time around when someone unexpectedly arrives at the orphanage. Claiming to have been looking for him for close to two years, Yuki is introduced to his half brother Takashiro. The two have the same father but different mothers and they both belong to the same family name of Giou, which we see playing into a larger concept further into the episode. Takashiro is definitely the suave, calm and hypnotic older brother type who wants to bring Yuki to Tokyo with him since they're the only family each of them has at this point and he wants him close. All of this new slowly pushes the powers within Yuki into surfacing, though he's not aware of it at first and is stunned when he realizes that when they do show, they serve only to scare the children of the orphanage.

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