Bleach - Season 14 - Episode 264 - Review: "Battle of The Females? Katen Kyoukotsu vs Nanao"

Nanao wants Kyouraku to come with her to deal with the Sword Beast, but he decides to send his Zanpakutou instead, and only the younger half at that. Nanao tries to talk with Katen Kyoukotsu, but the girl doesn't say anything and instead attacks when Nanao tries to touch her. Katen Kyoukotsu ends up running away, and when Nanao finds her again, she's fighting a Sword Beast. Nanao quickly notices that Katen Kyoukotsu is toying with the enemy, but when Nanao tries to interfere, Katen Kyoukotsu turns against her, and in the commotion, the Sword Beast escapes. Despite this, Nanao refuses to give up on what she sees as her mission, and Rangiku comes in to help get Katen Kyoukotsu to open up. Unfortunately, none of the girlish activities that Rangiku tries to get Katen Kyoukotsu to do interests her, so Rangiku gives up.

Nanao eventually notices that Katen Kyoukotsu spends a lot of her time staring at tree blossoms, so she proposes a party. She doesn't bond with the girl though until the two watch the last flower blow off a tree into Nanao's hand, and Nanao ties the flower to Katen Kyoukotsu's hair. While looking at more trees in bloom however, the two get attacked by the Sword Beast from before. He injures Nanao and easily takes Katen Kyoukotsu's sword because Nanao had made her put it down earlier, and in this state, the two struggle to fight against him. Luckily, Kyouraku arrives in time to save them, and he easily defeats the Sword Beast. In the aftermath, all of the Shinigami enjoy a party under the blooming trees, and Katen Kyoukotsu pins a flower to Nanao's hair.

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