Grey's Anatomy - The Big Finish

We open on Derek and Meredith, en lit. Mere is wearing a Breathe Right strip, which she has apparently dyed red to match her sheets. Derek has his head jammed under a pillow. Why, you ask? Because Meredith is still snoring. She's also sleeping through the alarm clock, which is buzzing insistently. Derek jerks awake and yells out, "Alarm! Shut it off, please!" Meredith stirs and asks him not to snap at her. If she was awake enough to hear him, she was awake enough to hear the clock and turn it off. I'm just saying. He didn't sleep much that night; she didn't either, because he kept shoving her to try to stop her snoring. As they bicker about the snoring and the shoving, he tries to kiss her. She complains about the stubble pricking her face and tells him to shave. She leaves the bed and he appears to be trying to grab a few more minutes of shut-eye.

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