Blessing of the Campanella Episodes #11 Anime Review

It was a dark and stormy night. At least, that's how they start this episode, with the sound of thunder and clouds gathering. We then come to Aberdeen's house, where Minette has decided to willingly give over her core to save Miriam's life, though she makes it clear that she is doing this for her own reasons, and not for Miriam's sake alone. Aberdeen, for his own selfish reasons of course, is quite happy with her decision, though Minette thinks that Miriam will likely be upset.

Leicester, meanwhile, rushes through the town looking for her. Carina, flying on her magic stick, offers Leicester a ride and also uses her magic to scan for Minette's core. On the way to the forest where Minette is, the pair are intercepted by Avril, who tries to stop them. Carina sends Leicester ahead using her magic while she holds off Avril. Of course, Avril is very hard to fend off, so the fight is quite hard for Carina to handle. It is extremely hard since Avril appears to have a special weapon at her disposal, a battle artifact.

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