Knight of the Living Hoff

Knight Rider was a cheesey but iconic '80s show that gave me great pleasure, I'd imagine my dad's car was KITT and I was having a great adventure.... the remake however makes me want to self harm!

They seemed to have forgotten the basic elements of film making and these people are PROFESSIONALS? The story had more holes in it than Swiss cheese, so this one Doctor created a new KITT hmmm didn't it take a whole team to create the first one and why had he been dismantled are you telling us that they used parts of the old (25 years old) KITT to create the new one?? Oh and why didn't they use the super tough compund to create the new one they put the nano tech over it??? They have had so long to bring this back, they had no excuse to do this badly. I've seen much better scripts fans have wrote on the web that blow this out of the water....sorry to rant but I was really looking forward to this and now I have nothing but contempt! The possiblilties were limitless for Knight Rider... I can only hope that someone, somewhere down the line makes it into a big screen movie with a real story, a real cast that doesn't involve Hoff and special fx that wasn't created on a PDA!


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