Durarara!!- Season 1 - Episode 12 - Review: "Being and Non Being Mutually Exist"

Durarara hits the halfway mark with this episode and things continue to build upon what's come before while adding some additional twists and turns along the way. The most amusing comes almost right at the start as Celty makes her mad dash to take down Seiji who is threatening Mikado over what he's done and because he wants his girl back. What he doesn't know is the true origins of that amnesiac girl and that it's someone he knew in school who had gone missing recently. In a rather quick outburst, Celty's-head-who-is-not-Celty lets it all come forth in how she ended up as she is because of Namie who manipulated her love for Seiji and used Shinra to accomplish it.

That little nugget sends Celty off on a tear as she goes to find Shinra and confront him about it. In an intriguing twist, not only does he not deny it, he lays it out completely as to why he did it and why his love for her is like it is. It's so off-putting for Celty that it stops her in her tracks, even though he's been aware of things for so long, things that she's longed to know. Shinra and Celty's relationship is really complex because of how the two work together. She's beholden to him in a way that she has a hard time pinning down while he's been in love with her for twenty years. And with him being able to figure out her emotions, something nobody else has been able to do since she lost her head, she's very reluctant to lose someone like that. The fear of losing her life should her head die though is still a powerful motivator and the way the two work out their relationship after all these revelations is priceless.

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