One Piece - Season 10 - Episode 438 - Review: ''Episode #438"

With all that's happened recently, a bit of a slowdown episode after the Magellan material isn't all that much of a surprise. That we'd learn the most shocking of shocking secrets about Impel Down? Well, that was a surprise, as was the actual secret itself as it was laid out in front of us. The Impel Down prison is almost like a time box in Dr. Who in that space and physics really mean little, something that's even more apparent after seeing Level 5 with all of its trees and winter weather, as well as what looks like something resembling a sky beyond those snowy moments. So having something even more mysterious available within the prison really isn't a surprise as all.

For this episode, there are again two main arcs playing through it to different levels of time. The first, and my favorite, is the continuing adventures of Buggy and Mr. 2 as they just try to get the hell out of Dodge. They keep being forced further and further down into the prison and now on level five they're ducking the wolves as best as possible. Amusingly, the wolves are very crafty overall and have some great moments where they shine, but it's also an area where Mr. 2 gets to shine as he gets his candle wax ability back and uses it to good effect, even if he doesn't think out the logistics of it. The flip side of this arc that gets explored a little is seeing that the uprising back on the earlier levels is being taken care of so we get a small bit of resolution there, as well as some humor about Hannyabal and how he got suckered by Bon Clay.

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