Uraboku - Season 1 - Episode 3 - Review: "Eternal Investigation"

Yuki's finding himself intrigued by Takashiro's offer to help him understand his powers more and to learn to control them, but it's not something he can just jump easily into. Asking for some time to think about it, Yuki's able to go his own way to try and understand his position. This actually works according to Takashiro's plan as he wants someone who won't come easily, but rather someone who will do so because he feels it's necessary and worth the sacrifices required to do so. For Zess, it's something of a conflict because he's so intent on protecting Yuki, even from Takashiro himself if need be, that letting Yuki go through the pain he needs to in order to grow is difficult to endure.

Yuki's life has certainly been difficult and only more so now that Takashiro is in it. What's surprising him even more is that he's now more aware of the Duras and can see them much more easily, which adds a sense of dread to things since they're more likely to appear. Subconsciously he may even be aware that they're targeting and after him, though he does have a sense of safety when Zess is around him. Much of this episode focuses on the changes that Yuki will have to make if he chooses to go with Takashiro since it means his life will be very different. So much of his life has been tied up with the orphanage and the kids there that making this change is a huge step for him. He's not exactly getting all angsty over it, but it's definitely something that he's having a hard time thinking about since it means so much to him.

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