Hanamaru Kindergarten - Season 1 - Episode 6 - Review: ''A Hanamaru Pool/A Hanamaru Brother"

Hanamaru Kindergarten hits the halfway mark this week with its cute and charming adventures of a first time kindergarten teacher and the precocious kids that he has in his class. The series has worked well with the split stories told in each episode which keeps it from running a gag too far into the ground and this episode is no exception. This time around though we get into the dangerous territory of swimsuits and younger siblings, both of which can put Tsuchida in the hot seat.

The first half of the episode deals with the first pool day of the season and it's entirely too cute as the kids are all super excited about it. Naturally, Anzu is getting into things by trying to sexy up her swimsuit '" even asking Tsuchida if she looks sexy in it '" in her attempts to win him over by any means possible. Of course, she hasn't a clue what she's really saying but she can pose like the best of them as that kind of thing just comes naturally to her. Her hopes are pretty much crushed though when Yamamoto finally changes, having forgotten her usual swimsuit and bringing her far too sexy version instead. Though she's certainly been portrayed as attractive enough, her swimsuit pushes her to a whole new level and really stands out in ways that appeal to young men like Tsuchida. Anzu's comical as she gets abused by Tsuchida while he doesn't realize it since he's staring at Yamamoto a lot. But as much fun as it is, there's a lot of fun just in watching the kids play in the water, learning to swim and paddling about.

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