Strawberry 100% Episode #13 Review

Yui's nature is one that definitely has come back to bite her in the ass. After spending some time making Manaka's room a mess before she leaves to go back home for a bit, she's now stuck in a place that won't let her go. The events get underway when Manaka gets a letter from her asking for him to come get her which is swiftly followed by his mother wondering what happened as she had a phone call with Yui's father and he was furious about her living there and insisting it would never happen again. So with little in the way of options, Manaka makes his way out there to learn the truth.

The truth comes easily, though Yui isn't at her home as she's run away to a friends for the time being as well. As it turns out, Yui had a fight with her father about something and she let it slip that when she's at Manaka's, she sleeps in his room. Though the actual reason and the how of it doesn't come up, that alone is enough to panic and infuriate an overprotective father. What makes it worse is that when she was back home this time, he saw her after she had just woken up and walked out of her room stark naked. That was all he needed to ensure that she'd pretty much never leave the house again, never mind live at Manaka's or go to school at Omi. So Manaka has to go racing off to where they think she's run off to and bring her back to her own house.

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