Cobra The Animation - Season 1 - Episode 13 - Review: "Distant Memories"

Cobra draws to a close with this episode and it's unfortunate because the previous episode really caused this final story arc to lose a lot of its momentum. Similar to previous arcs of a similar length, and the OVA series from 2008, when Cobra hits more than a couple of episodes for a story it doesn't seem to have the right pacing as they end up with some material that doesn't seem to have significant impact and instead just draws it out. This last episode is pretty good overall though as it finally brings the gang that's survived to Shiva Castle.

Like other Cobra adventures, when the details are revealed we learn that Cobra has known all of the answers since the beginning but didn't let on to anyone about it. As they get into the castle only to find it abandoned, they make their way further and further in until they find the massive treasure room. That kind of discovery won't keep a group like this together though as someone in it will surely turn. What's surprising is that one of them is actually a Chaos Army member who organized the entire plan and sent the invitations out. Cobra's deductive reasoning is given some highlights here as we see how he knew from the start, mostly through luck more than anything else, and that sets the stage for dealing with the real head honcho of the Chaos Army that shows up as a blue dragon energy form.

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