Rin, Daughters of Mnemosyne: The Complete Series UK DVD Review

Rin: Daughters of Mnemosyne is one of a few 18+ shows I've had to review, but knowing nothing about the show beforehand, I was wondering what I'd let myself in for. Turns out, I was in for something that gave me flashbacks to Serial Experimental Lain '" but unlike Lain, I was still confused by the end of it'not a good sign.

We start off in what appears to be a scene of someone being chased, but is quickly changed to a shot of two young women drinking vodka in the morning. We're introduced to Rin, a young woman who seems to be some sort of jack of all trades worker for hire, and her assistant/lover Mimi, a computer expert. This is immediately confusing as it suggests in the part before that the person in the chase scene who fell to her death was indeed Rin, and yet we see her alive and well sharing vodka. With explanations needed, whilst on a job, she bumps into a man named Koki, who seems to have amnesia and pursued by some thugs. After Rin defeats them, she decides to help Koki on a whim to find out who he is. Revelations are made about him, but weirdly not about Rin '" as she is apparently killed again during a torture sequence when their infiltration of a building it appears Koki was working for, yet emerges from her body bag, goes after the sadistic Sayara, and after scaring her half to death, leaves her in the hands of other 'experiments' she had on her. It basically leads to asking Koki what to do with his life, and lets him decide '" which leads to him joining Rin and Mimi in their line of work.

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