Shin Koihime Musou - Season 1 - Episode 10 - Review: "Koumei Wishes for a Sister "

So, we begin with a little summary from a hooded figure (why? Well, whatever), who gives the history (somewhat) of the later Han at its end, with power being seized by the 10 eunuchs led by Choujou, and then passing to Toutaku, only to have a coalition of warlords led by Enshou march upon the capital of Rakuyou (should be Luoyang).

So the fighting begins, with Ryofu, the greatest warrior in the land (and fan of cute animals), holding off the entire army of the coalition outside the gates of the first fortress that protects the capital. This being Koihime, we don't see any fighting, but are just told about it. But the war is taking a psychological toll on Ryofu, which in turn upsets her sidekick Chinkyuu. Chinkyuu then takes it upon herself to go and visit the enemy camp, speaking to Sousou, Sonsaku, Kousonsan, and the others (which includes Ryuubi and Kan'u). There, Chinkyuu says that Toutaku is being held captive by Choujou. The generals at first don't entirely believe her, but Chouhi throws a fit, blabbering something about a true lord recognizing genuine tears and such.

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