Hanamaru Kindergarten- Season 1 - Episode 12 - Review: "A Hanamaru Christmas/Hanamaru Feelings"

Hanamaru Kindergarten draws to a close with episode twelve and it does run through a few familiar things. The show has progressed fairly nicely since the start by introducing new characters, adding to the settings a bit and playing with the relationships with a bit of fun, particularly when we got introduced to Yamamoto's sister. The opening part here is good classic fun as Christmas is approaching and Anzu makes a wish which has her dreaming that she's older and meeting everyone as adults, though she can't quite place them outside of Tsuchida in some way. Hiiragi and Koume are really cute as older characters and there's a good Christmas spirit feeling to the episode as we see her meeting Tsuchida and dancing in the snow. It's a straightforward dream sequence but the kind that really leaves you smiling.

The bulk of the episode focuses on the relationship side of the series which is brought into focus when Tsuchida, Yamamoto and the kids visit an art gallery where Anzu's father is having his work shown. There's a lot of attention on the artwork itself and its cute to see Tsuchida having a hard time grasping some of the basic pieces. There's one piece that surprises folks with a mother/daughter painting where the two are wearing what appears to be nothing yet revealing nothing. It's a great portrait of the two which causes some discussion amongst everyone. What they realize though is that Anzu's family is very open about their affections, something you don't see in public much overall, so when Anzu's father enters the scene and openly kisses his wife and they seem so much in love it's both heartwarming and surprising for everyone to see. It goes a long way towards explaining how Anzu is as well.

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