Ichiban Ushiro No Daimo - Season 1 - Episode 1 - Review: "Episode 3"

With the third episode of the series, this show is really cementing itself as a guilty pleasure for me. There is a whole lot of overt fan service, big moments and harem aspects that I know I shouldn't like, but everything comes together in a way where it just feels fun and silly while still having an edge of a story to it that I want to see play out. Sometimes there are shows that come along that takes all the traditional elements and puts it together in a way to make it work, while the same things elsewhere would lead to disaster. So far, with just three episodes, this series has made me smile and laugh a lot even though it's pretty apparent what it wants to do.

This episode focuses a bit on Fujiko as we see her past when she lost her brother, something that set her on a slightly darker path than she might have originally been on. In the present, she's still working to take down Junko and is intending to use Akuto to do just that. In an obvious ploy, she sets up a situation in which Akuto will have to defend himself with a gun that has magic pellets in it and she then arranges to have Junko come across him. Akuto is all intent on seeing Fujiko but instead lands into a trap with a bunch of male students who want to kick his ass now that he's become a part of the Disciplinary Group. Everyone sees everything that he does through a filter of evil so this new membership is just another step on his path to world domination.

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