Baka and Test - Season 1 - Episode 7/8 - Review: "Episode 7/8"

Scene: A bedroom. A young man awakens as dawn breaks. He opens his eyes to see a beautiful girl sitting on his bed, there to greet him. She offers breakfast with a blush. Is this the usual anime trope of the childhood friend, the girl next door, coming to wake up the boy next door, upon whom she's had a crush since birth? It may look like it. The boy calmly and politely asks the girl to hand him his cell phone. He's making a call? Of course, wouldn't you? Going to call his male friends to brag that he's about to score?

"Hello, is this the police? I would like to report a trespasser."

Now while it is an anime cliche for males to be desperate to attract the attention of beautiful women, in this case, Yuuji Sakamoto wants nothing to do with the beautiful, and completely mental, Shouko Kirishima, who seems intent on making Yuuji her boyfriend by any means, including physical violence.

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