Shin Koihime Musou - Season 1 - Episode 2 - Review: "Ryuubi Visits Touka Village's Service"

We open with a flashback apparently, with two lady generals fighting a losing battle against Kyoudo (whoever they are). The battle appears to have gone badly, and now the one with the glasses, Kaku, is remembering that sad time. She seems to be in better shape now, as she is serving the Emperor in the capital, as we learn from the evil eunuch Choujou. Put this down as another Plot Marker.

In other events, we see the various girls on their journeys, as they set out to get the ingredients for the cure for Kashin. Chouun and Bachou are together, and so are Ryuubi, Rin Rin, and Koumei. Along with a giant bento box. Rin Rin certainly likes her lunches, but... this one was not packed by her. Koumei gets suspicious when she learns that Rin Rin just picked it up. Koumei then tells the story of a demon who apparently hides in large wicker boxes and then attacks people. Going to grab some firewood to destroy the box, suddenly out pops Bachou's cousin Batai. She was trying to tag along on the trip, and she basically blackmails Rin Rin (because of an earlier incident) into helping her get the group's assent to come along, though Koumei wants her to return to the village, since that's where her cousin Bachou wanted her to stay.

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