30 Rock series 1 episode 7 review

I've already singled out Dennis, Liz Lemon's part-time boyfriend, as the funniest minor character in 30 Rock. He's sexist (I got you a fancy briefcase, because you're classy and important, like a dude), bigoted (I cried like a big dumb homo) often the wrong side of legal (That's the thing about 20 year olds half of them are 16). And lefty liberal Liz Lemon loves it.

Or, at least, she did. Moving his friends into her apartment and starring on NBC Dateline for dating under-age girls apparently constitutes suitable grounds for dumping him, despite the fact that her sole redeeming feature is scrubbing up quite nice about once every two episodes. Oh, Liz Lemon. You had the Beeper King but you let him go.

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