Maid-Sama! Episode #11-12 Review

So, one day, Usui is minding his own business, walking down the street, when an apple rolls to his feet. Ahead of him is a slightly put upon woman who is slowly losing her apples. When the bag she has them in rips apart completely, Usui is kind enough to help her carry them home. She recognizes his school uniform as that of Seika High, where her daughter goes to school. Speaking of her daughter, Usui figures out quite quickly (we already know who the woman is) that he has run into Misaki's mother. Once there, she invites him in, to offer some thanks (in the form of apple slices) for his help. Adding to his helpfulness, he is called upon to fix the floor as well, since we see it break just about every time that someone walks in the front hallway.

When Misaki comes home, of course, she is stunned by Usui's appearance, and drags him out as quickly as possible. She takes him to a local park to talk things over (though her dragging him out of her house does not go unnoticed by others). Misaki then thanks Usui, dismisses the suspicion that he had planned this as a means of getting into her house, and then tells him to never come to her house again. Usui just notes that he'd like to learn even more secrets about Misaki that no one else knows, which, of course, just makes Misaki blush and hit.

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