Persona -Trinity Soul- Box Set 1 Premium Edition DVD Review

Persona ~Trinity Soul~ is based on the Persona game world of which I'm just mildly familiar with having played the first one of the games that was released in the US many, many years ago, back on the original PlayStation. The game was a lot of fun and familiar elements are here, though everything about the show takes place in its own world some time after the events of the Persona 3 game. From the first thirteen episodes, Persona looks to tell its own story that has connections to events of the past from ten years prior from that game, but those things are slowly teased out so that you can enjoy the show fully without knowledge of the games themselves.

The world of Persona revolves around the Kanzato brothers as the two younger brothers, Shin and Jun, have come to Ayanagi City in order to live with their older brother. Ryo, at twenty-eight years of age, is just over ten years older than Shin who is three years older than Jun. The brothers have had an estranged relationship for the last ten years as the two younger brothers have lived with their aunt after the deaths of their parents. An incident ten years ago had killed many, including their parents, and Ryo had to make some significantly difficult decisions in that aftermath that is slowly explored as we know that there are lingering issues over the death of Jun's twin sister Yuki. It takes time to get to it, but it's teased out well and has a very natural progression to it.

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