Chu-Bra - Season 1 - Episode 7 - Review: "Swaying Hearts of Men"

It's summertime in the world of Chu-bra and that means the new uniforms are coming into play which has boys and girls alike excited. The lighter and simpler uniforms appeal to the girls while the guys like the added viewing they get from such things. For the age of the kids that Nayu goes to school with, it comes at a time when they're more sensitive as to how they view each other. And for Nayu in particular, it's even more of a challenge since the underwear she likes to wear tends to show through her top even more which draws even more attention to her that she doesn't want.

The challenges for Komachi during this time are particularly tough, since the Society is meeting at the moment and one of their things is getting hands on with the underwear. The poor guy isn't confident enough in himself to handle it well which is made worse by the fact that when he views the mannequin with the underwear on it, he sees Nayu in it. It's rather cute and endearing since it shows him being interested in someone, but he can't handle the pressure and freaks out, quitting the Society. Since he's been involved with it, other classmates look at him differently though he causes a bit of that himself. When he gives some of the boys in his class grief for looking at girly magazines, he does it by criticizing the models choice of underwear because it's digging into her and so forth. The boys aren't sure what to make of it while the girls think he may just be a pervert in the end, even if he is understanding of some of their issues.

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