Bleach Episode #289 Anime Review

Bleach has been running with its fairly uneven style of storytelling for awhile so it's no surprise that we're back again with several different battles going on here. On the plus side, if you don't care for one of them, there's another one waiting in the wings that you can enjoy. The downside is that when you do get to one you like, it may not last all that long. While I'm admittedly tiring already of the battle against Yammy, it's one that is definitely the more appealing of the fights going on since it has two very powerful individuals, characters I both like, going up against someone that's only getting bigger and more powerful. It's a basic power against power match which is appealing, especially as there's no collateral damage to be had while fighting in an empty desert.

When it comes to the fight against Aizen, I'm admittedly much less vested in it since I only came into the current continuity of the series a handful of episodes ago. Seeing Aizen back after watching him disappear a couple hundred episodes ago is kind of disappointing, though not entirely unexpected. The fight with him and those that are opposing him with the various Soul Society captains facing off has a nice sense of danger to it, and a lot of destruction in the city in which they fight, but it lacks a real connection for me to actually make it engaging unfortunately. In a way, the whole fight is basically a holding game as they're waiting for Ichigo to return as he's the only one that can really take down Aizen at this stage.

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