Grey's Anatomy - All Boy Revue

Previously, on Grey's Anatomy, Izzie returned to the hospital, Derek and Addison finalized their divorce, Derek decided to take a little space away from women, Callie dumped George after having dirty sex with McSteamy, Alex overheard Callie talking about the dirty sex, and Bailey realized that something was up with Cristina and Burke.

Burke oh-so-obsessively rolls up some shirts and stuffs them in a backpack while Cristina watches. Meredith's voiceover tells us, "As surgeons, we're trained to look for disease." I thought it was the non-surgeons' job to look for the disease and the surgeons' job to fix the disease via bodily cutting. Cristina: "You're going camping?" Indeed he is -- with McDreamy, no less. For Cristina, "camping" equals "everyone peeing behind the same bush." Remind me not to invite her on my next camping trip. Mere's V.O. tells us that some diseases are easy to spot, but some are very hard to detect. Cristina tells Burke that she's booked the O.R. for a couple of surgeries that day, but he tells her that he went ahead and canceled them. Cristina doesn't understand why he canceled the surgeries or why he's going camping.

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